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Kamikaze Girl

Kamikaze Girls
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This is just a quick blurb for now, seeing as how this is a brand new spankin' community! All fans of Shimotsuma Monogatari [aka Kamikaze Girls] are welcome to discuss the movie, manga, novel, and subjects related to the movie ^_^ The only request is to follow the rules below. I'm pretty hand-off so as long as it's relatively on topic and the members aren't being harassed and/or threatened.

1. Discussion & debate in a civilized manner are encouraged.
2. No flame wars. You get 1 warning. After that... OFF WITH YER HEAD! Just kidding... you'll only get perma-banned.
4. If an image is over 300x300, place it behind an lj-cut.
5. Any downloads must be friends-locked.

Feel free to promote!
Banners coming soon!